‘Adopt, don’t shop!’: 4 reasons why you should adopt a rescue dog

Looking into getting a dog? Here are four reasons why you should adopt a rescue.

‘Should I get a puppy from a breeder or adopt from a rehoming centre instead?’.

It’s a question that, when considering getting a new dog, many people ask themselves.

Deciding between a breeder or a rehoming centre is nothing more than a personal choice and, of course, if you’re introducing a new dog to the family, you want to be sure they’re the perfect fit.

However, people who have rescued a dog before will tell you that going to a rehoming centre rather than a puppy breeder has many more benefits.

So, in this article, the team at Pet Shop Online explore four of the top reasons why you should adopt a rescue dog.


1.    It’s more rewarding 

Essentially, when you adopt a rescue dog, you’re saving a life.

Lots of the dogs you see in shelters have been rescued from horrific circumstances – most commonly neglect, cruelty and abandonment. And adopting gives an otherwise unwanted dog a second chance at a happier life and the loving home they deserve.

Getting a dog from a rehoming centre also helps eradicate puppy farming and backyard breeders – which seems to be a growing problem in the UK, with the RSPCA receiving thousands of calls each year reporting criminal puppy breeding.


2.    You know you’re getting a healthy dog

When rehoming a dog from a rescue centre, you can be confident that your new four-legged friend will arrive happy and healthy. Some centres, like Dogs Trust, even provide training!

They’ll be microchipped and given a full health check, which includes all necessary vaccinations and treatment for worms and fleas before going off to their new homes.


3.    It can be more affordable

Buying a puppy from a breeder is notoriously expensive, with prices ranging from hundreds to a few thousand, depending on the breed you choose.

However, shelter fees tend to be a lot cheaper than rates breeders charge, and everything from veterinary care to a few months insurance is included in the price!


4.    You’ll have access to ongoing support, training tips and advice

It can take a while for your new canine companion to settle into their forever home, so it’s always good to know that you have an expert to turn to should you need any expert tips or advice.

Even after your rescue dog has moved in, the shelter’s staff will still be happy to offer support and guidance at any point, for the rest of your furry friend’s life.


Ready to adopt a rescue dog?

Whether you’re thinking of adopting a dog from your local rehoming centre, or you already know the date you’ll be bringing your new furry friend home, you’ll need some supplies to make them feel welcome.

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