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Showing 1 - 24 of 153 products
Orijen Original
Orijen Orijen Original
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Essential Foods Nautical Living - Working Dog 10kg
Essential Highland Living - Working Dog 10kg
Essential Foods Estate Living - Working Dog 10kg
Orijen Regional Red
Orijen Orijen Regional Red
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Essential Foods Superior Living - Working Dog 10kg
Orijen Adult Six Fish
Orijen Orijen Adult Six Fish
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From experience, we know that every dog is different but, luckily, we offer a range of different options. Whether your canine needs something to maintain a healthy weight or help settle their sensitive stomach, we’re certain you’ll find everything you need here with us at Pet Shop Online.

We’ve met many dog owners on their hunt for the perfect food for their fur-babies – regardless of their age, dietary needs and veterinary requirements or simply just their preferences, we guarantee we have something suitable in stock.

There’s a plethora of delicious flavours available to satisfy the pickiest of pooches, from chicken and liver to salmon with potato and vegetables – the options are endless!

You can now shop our collection of carefully selected dog food online and have everything sent straight to your doorstep, with free delivery on all orders over £45.

High quality dog food in Manchester

At Pet Shop Online, we’re passionate about providing the highest quality dog food products from a selection of the UK’s most trusted brands, and at some of the most competitive prices too – what’s not to love?

Need some expert advice?

Our team is experienced, informed and more than happy help identify a better diet for your dog.

Give us a call today on 0161 728 4656 or send any queries by email to

If you’re local to Swinton or other nearby areas in Manchester, why not visit our store with your four-legged friend?

We’d love to meet them and find out more about how we can help – get your directions here!

Any good dog food will contain meats, vegetables, fruits and grains, but the food you serve to your furry friend will depend on a few things – including their breed, age and any dietary or veterinary requirements they might have.

For instance, your pooch might have a sensitive tummy.

If this is the case, a grain-free food will be more than ideal – delivering all the same necessary nutrients your dog needs without upsetting their stomach.

No matter their needs, we’re certain that we have something suitable in stock for your canine companion – check out our collection today!

Your dog’s diet has a huge impact on their health and happiness. The wrong diet can lead to obesity and worsen any pre-existing veterinary problems your furry friend is suffering with.

If you’re taking frequent trips to the vet for problems like dry or itchy skin, weight related issues, bad breath or excessive moulting, a simple conversation with us about nutrition and a sensible diet plan could be just what your dog needs to alleviate their symptoms and even eradicate them for good.

If you have any concerns or are in need of expert advice, 0161 728 4656 to discuss your needs – we love taking the time to speak to our customers, helping to identify a better diet for your pet.

As pet experts, we know that a dog’s dietary needs can change over time due to factors like their life stage or their activity level for example.

Sometimes, it can be hard to tell if it’s time to switch up your dog’s diet, but there’s a few simple signs to look out for, including:

- Dull flaky coat

- Lethargy/weakness

- Sudden or rapid weight gain

- Upset stomach (chronic flatulence, loose stool or rumbly tummies)

- Stubborn itches

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