Nature's Menu Raw Freeze Dried - Lamb

Size: 120g
Sale price£5.49


Raw made convenient! 

Enjoy all the benefits of a raw diet without any of the hassle! Nature's Menu Raw Freeze Dried has been carefully crafted to offer the perfect blend of convenience and nutrition in one bag! It combines the natural goodness of raw food with a freeze-drying process to produce a delicious meal your dog will thrive on. All you need to do is simply pour and serve! 

The freeze-drying process locks in nutrients and flavour to ensure your dog gets the perfect portion of goodness in every bite without any harmful artificial additives, colours, and preservatives. 

Key features:

  • 80% lamb, 12% superfoods vitamins & minerals, 8% vegetables.
  • No grain.
  • Made ready to serve. 
  • A complete pet food suitable for all adult dogs. 
  • Maximum nutrient preservation. 
  • Digestive wellbeing. 
  • Raw freeze dried. 
  • 250g pack.

Composition: Lamb* (80%), Carrots* (5%), Apples* (5%), Pea Fibre*, Butternut Squash* (1%), Sweet Potato* (1%), Minerals, Cranberries* (0.5%), Blackberries* (0.5%), Flaxseed*, Chicory Root*, Kale*, Peppermint*, Coconut Oil*, Green Tea*, Yucca*, Rosemary*, Parsley*, Dandelion Root*, Hawthorn Leaf*. *Natural ingredients 

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