Essential Highland Living - Working Dog 10kg

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Essential Highland Living is a complete and unique, grain-free meal inspired by the highlands of Scotland. It is prepared with masses of delicious local and regional ingredients such as Aberdeen Angus beef, pigeon, quail and, of course, Scottish salmon. Designed for a normal level of activity. Highland Living complies with the Essential Foods BOF principle, aiming to keep your dog’s blood sugar levels stable while it savours the many tasty and healthy flavours from the Scottish Highlands.


Made with fresh and dried turkey, Aberdeen Angus beef, pigeon, duck, egg and salmon (79%) Of which is fresh (43%) Protein (29%) Fat (17%) Of which Omega 3 (1.8%) Of which is Omega 6 (2.6%) Minerals/ Crude ash (8.5%) Fiber (3.5%) Water (8%) Calcium (1.6%) Phosphorus (1.2%) Glucosamine (0.09%) Chondroitin (0.07%). 

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