Essential Foods Nautical Living - Working Dog 10kg

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WORKING DOG ESSENTIAL NAUTICAL LIVING is an uncompromising grain-free maintenance meal for adult dogs of all working breeds. As the name suggests, NAUTICAL LIVING is packed with fresh salmon, trout, herring and the season’s fish. The meal follows the brand's BOF principle. NAUTICAL LIVING is packed with a very generous amount of OMEGA 3. Tested and evaluated here in the UK as a top tier quality food.


Made with fresh and dried salmon, trout, herring, season's fish & egg (77%) Of which is fresh - % of whole recipe- (55%) Protein (29%) Fat (14%) Of which Omega 3 (4%) Of which Omega 6 (1%) Minerals/ crude ash (8%) Fiber (4%) Water (8.5%) Calcium (1.7%) Phosphorus (1.2%) Glucosamine (0.09%) Chondroitin (0.07%). 

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