Anco Naturals Goat Braid

Size: Medium
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The Anco Naturals Goat Braid is a premium dog treat made from 100% natural goat hide. This long-lasting chew provides a tasty and healthy chewing experience that helps support your dog's dental health. The braided design adds an extra layer of texture that's sure to keep your dog entertained and occupied for hours. With no artificial flavours or preservatives, you can feel good about giving your furry friend a treat that's not only delicious but also beneficial to their health. The Anco Naturals Goat Braid is the perfect treat for dogs of all sizes and is especially ideal for dogs who are tough chewers. Give your dog a treat they'll love and one that's good for them with Anco Naturals Goat Braid.


Protein 56.26%   Fat 32.49%   Ash 4.6%


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