Beef Sinew Dog Chew

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Looking to add a new, long-lasting chew to your dog's diet? Look no further! This delicious chew is made from high-quality beef sinew, the resilient and fibrous tissue that links muscles and bones and is designed to promote both physical and mental well-being!

Chewing is apart of your dog's natural instincts, it's a great way to combat boredom, frustration and mild anxiety by slowly releasing dopamine. Sinew is the perfect option for all of this! It's durable and long-lasting qualities help keep your dog happily engaged for longer and its delicious taste will ensure it becomes a firm favourite in your doggy treat cupboard.

Sinew can also help with your dog's dental health, as chewing will help reduce plaque and tartar build up to promote healthier teeth and gums!

NO artificial preservatives, NO preservatives just 100% Beef! 

Suitable from 16 weeks. Always supervise whilst chewing and make sure fresh water is available. Do not let a puppy eat a whole piece in one go.

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