Fleischeslust (Meatlove) Pure Lamb with Unpeeled Millet Sausage for Dogs

Size: 400g
Sale price£4.99


Pure Lamb Sausage with Unpeeled Brown Millet & Safflower oil

A great option for dogs that can only tolerate one protein source, this food is packed with premium lamb and wholesome unpeeled millet. Meatlove offers flavour and nutrition in every bite, naturally nourishing your dog's fur, complexion, gastrointestinal flora, immune system, and heart and circulation with the addition of healthy and natural food supplements like brewer's yeast and safflower oil.

NO artificial flavourings, NO colourings, NO preservatives 

  • 80% lamb
  • Complete food
  • 100% rich in fresh meat
  • BPA free
  • Cereal and grain free

Composition: 80% lamb (20% lamb meat, 20% lamb paste, 10% lamb heart, 10% lamb rumen, 10% lamb lung, 10% lamb liver), 15% unpeeled millet, brewer‘s yeast, safflower oil, eggshell powder.

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