Fleischeslust (Meatlove) Tender Beef with Carrots Sausage for Dogs

Size: 400g
Sale price£4.99


Tender Beef with Carrots & Rose Hip

Introducing Fleischeslust (Meatlove) Tender Beef Sausage with Carrots for Dogs—a premium food that combines savoury beef and nutritious carrots for an irresistible flavour experience.

Crafted with high-quality superfood ingredients, this sausage is packed with protein and essential vitamins to support your dog's overall health and digestion.

NO artificial flavourings, NO colourings, NO preservatives 

  • 80% beef meat and innards
  • Complete food
  • 100% rich in fresh meat
  • BPA free
  • Single protein

Composition: 80% beef meat and innards (45% beef meat, 15% beef heart, 15% beef lung, 5% beef liver), 10% carrots, 4% ground pumpkin seeds, 3.1% rose hip powder, linseed oil, sea salt, eggshell powder, mineral earth, yucca root extract.

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