Wilkinsons Softwood Shavings

Weight: 4kg
Sale price£4.99


Biodegradable and eco friendly. Forest fresh pine fragrance. Ideal for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice and other small animals. Safe and hygienic. Wood Based.

Softwood shavings for small animals and pets.

Preparation and Usage

Fill the cage to a depth which is comfortable for your pet to use. Maintain the cage by removing solid waste as soon as possible. Soiled shavings should then be removed with a scoop and the cage topped up with clean shavings. Disposable or rubber gloves should be worn whilst handling soiled material. The cage should be completely emptied and cleaned with a safe household disinfectant on a weekly basis. Smart Pet shavings can be disposed of in an appropriate waste bin or compost heap.


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