Dog toys: 5 reasons why they’re essential for your dog’s happiness

Toys play an important role in your canine companion’s happiness.

Whether they love playing tug of war, a game of fetch over the field, or simply enjoy snuggling with their favourite teddy bear, they’re more than just a means to have fun.

Dog toys offer hours of enrichment for your four-legged friend – satisfying their instinctual needs, combatting boredom, and even helping eliminate destructive behaviours.

But how do dog toys do all this?

Let’s dive in!


1.   Dog toys help satisfy your furry friend's natural instincts

Chewing. Chasing. Hunting. Digging. Burying.

These are all examples of natural instinctual behaviours that, like all animals, your dog is born with.

As a responsible pet owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your canine companion can engage in these behaviours safely and pleasurably.

From snuffle mats for sniffing and searching, to rope toys and bones for chewing and tugging – there are plenty of toys on the market that are perfect for your pooch.


2.   They provide hours of mental and physical stimulation

Both mental and physical stimulation are incredibly important for your pup and, contrary to popular belief, their daily walkies (in most cases) just don’t cut it.

Getting your dog’s body moving is essential for their health and happiness and not only does regular exercise help tucker them out, but it also strengthens the bond you share.

Toys such as interactive snuffle mats, lick mats, and even the humble tennis ball provide hours of enrichment – both physical and mental – to reduce boredom, curb bad behaviour, and boost happiness.


3.   They prevent problem behaviours

How many times have you found a dozen holes in your socks as you’re putting them on in the morning? Or perhaps you’ve found the TV remote ripped to shreds just when you want to settle down with your soaps in the evening?

It’s a universal experience for dog owners and 9 times out of 10, destructive behaviours such as these can be curbed with appropriate training. But sometimes, it’s down to a lack of physical and mental stimulationand boredom.

Providing your pooch with an outlet to rechannel this energy – such as a tug-of-war rope toy – will help eliminate their destructive tendencies.  And as there are plenty of tough dog toys they can gnaw on, your favourite pair of slippers should be safe.


4.   They provide comfort and stress relief

Whether your dog gets anxious when they’re left alone or they’re afraid of thunderstorms and fireworks, there are plenty of ways you can calm their nerves and lower their stress levels.

Soft dog toys are just one thing that you can try and they provide the ultimate comfort for your furry friend - plus they’re many dogs’ go-to to keep close by during times of distress.


5.   Toys help combat boredom

As we touched on above, many behavioural problems in dogs are a direct result of boredom and excess energy.

Many dogs need more than just one walk a day and giving them toys to play with and spending time playing along with them, is sure to help cure their boredom and improve their behaviour.


Need help choosing the perfect dog toys?

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