Top 5 benefits of all-natural dog treats

Hairy rabbit feet. Lamb trotters. Puffed pig snouts.

Whilst they may not sound all that appetising to us, these all-natural dog treats are the ultimate, mouth-watering treat for our pups and a much healthier alternative to the treats they might be used to.

Aside from being super tasty, though, they also offer a range of other benefits that your precious pooch will thank you for.

In this article, our specialists at Pet Shop Online share the top five benefits of switching to natural dog treats!


1. They're more nutritious

Unlike most of the ultra-processed dog treats on supermarket shelves, which are jam-packed full of additives and preservatives, natural treats are rich in essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help contribute to a nutrient-dense diet.

So, you can give your pet a tasty treat without having to worry about upsetting their tummy - as these essential nutrients support your pup's immune system and overall health, and promote better digestion - and be confident they're getting all the goodness they need to thrive.

Many natural treats are also low in fat, making them perfect for pooches who are under strict vet instructions to lose a few pounds or are more prone to obesity.


2. They provide mental stimulation and promote good behaviour

Knawing on hairy lamb ears or a cow trachea, for example, satisfies your canine's natural chewing instinct, which is beneficial for a number of reasons.

If your dog is particularly destructive, providing natural, long-lasting chews for them to chew on will remove the temptation of reaching for one of your favourite pairs of shoes or the TV remote, and minimise their destructive tendencies.

This chewing motion also provides much-needed mental stimulation - busting boredom and reducing their stress and anxiety levels.


3. They're hypoallergenic

Many treats stocked on supermarket shelves also contain grains to help bulk them up, but many dogs are allergic or sensitive to these.

Natural dog treats, however, are grain-free and made up of single-source proteins, and don't contain any hidden allergens. So you won't have to worry about upsetting your furry friend's sensitive stomach.


4. They have natural deworming properties

Some natural dog treats, particularly those with hair, act as natural dewormers, helping to cleanse your dog's digestive system and flush away any potential parasites.

So, no longer will you need to worry about hiding a deworming pill in their food bowl every three months, or stress when they inevitably spit it out!


5. They contribute to healthy skin and coat

Devoid of harmful additives and rich in healthy fats, vitamins and minerals, natural dog treats contribute massively to your dog's skin and coat health.

Depending on the treats you choose, you can combat issues such as dryness, itching and shedding, and maintain your furry friend's stunning, shiny coat of fur.


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