Everything you need to know about grooming your new puppy

Much like a good diet and getting plenty of exercise, grooming is an essential part of your puppy’s routine.

Even if they don’t look particularly scruffy, regular grooming provides many benefits for your canine companion, from ventilating their coat and helping it to grow healthy and strong to preventing irritation and all sorts of skin problems.

It doesn’t always involve a trip to see a professional, though. Especially whilst they’re still young, even just a quick bath and brush will do them a world of good.

No matter if your mucky pup loves being treated to a little TLC or loathes the experience – our experts here at Pet Shop Online have put together a list of essential puppy grooming tips to make bath time much easier for you both!


When should puppies first get groomed?

Most professionals – veterinary experts or qualified dog groomers – recommend introducing your new puppy to professional grooming sessions at the 10-12 week mark. So, any time after their second set of immunisations.

To get your puppy used to the experience – the sights, sounds, sensations, etc – most groomers offer an introductory puppy package, where they’ll spend time with your furry friend helping them get used to being bathed, blow-dried, and brushed out.

Typically, puppies get their first haircuts at around six months old. By this point, they should be familiar with the basics of the process, and be in tip-top shape ready for their first trim.


How do I prepare my puppy for professional grooming sessions?

Home grooming can start much earlier than 10-12 weeks – but it should only involve gentle brushing and the occasional bath if they're particularly mucky.

You must ensure that you're using the right products for your pup’s skin and fur type – so it’s worth chatting with a professional to get a better idea of which ones to use.

Here at Pet Shop Online, we stock a range of suitable brushes, puppy shampoos, and everything in between for your at-home pamper sessions.


Do I need to get my puppy professionally groomed?

Professional grooming sessions aren’t essential, and many dog owners prefer to do it themselves at home.

However, having your puppy professionally pampered will save you heaps of time and energy.

It takes lots of care and patience to groom a dog – especially if they're fluffy or have behavioural issues – but the experts are, of course, fully trained and equipped to deal with it all.

They’ll also be able to take care of things you may not have even thought about doing yourself – such as cleaning their teeth and clearing their ears.


Discover the best bathtime products at Pet Shop Online

Here at Pet Shop Online, nothing is more important to us than the health and happiness of all your furry friends – and there’s no denying the role that regular grooming plays in this.

We stock a selection of excellent grooming products, from knot busters and nail clippers to specially-designed sensitive puppy shampoos, to help keep tails wagging at all times.

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