5 reasons why you should get a dog in 2023

Let’s face it.

Life would be so much better with a canine companion by your side.

Maybe you’ve been toying with the idea of getting a dog for the last few months – years even – and we think now is the perfect time to go for it.

However, if you’re still looking for reasons to convince yourself to do it, our experts here at Pet Shop Online have curated a list of five reasons why you totally should.


1.     They’re the pawfect exercise partners

If you’ve vowed to get yourself in shape as part of your New Year's Resolutions, you’ll be happy to hear that a dog is the perfect exercise partner.

Whether you plan on going for a 6 am jog or you prefer to stroll around the park to get your 10K steps in, your pooch will be more than happy to come along.

Everything is better together, right?


2.     They help boost your mood

Studies have shown that dogs help reduce their owner’s stress and anxiety levels.

Spending just 15-30 minutes a day with your canine companion, from belly tickles and tug-of-war to everything else in between, can help you feel more relaxed after a long day.

They’re a great source of comfort, companionship, and motivation – and they often help us to live a much more mentally healthy life.


3.     They can make your home feel safer

With their natural protection instincts, dogs almost function like a built-in home security system.

Unfamiliar people and noises put dogs on high alert, so a potential intruder might be put off entering your home if they hear the sound of your canine companion barking.


4.     They teach responsibility

If you have young children, introducing a dog to the family can teach them a lot, from patience and cleaning up messes, to the importance of daily exercise and routine.

A dog will teach the kids some very important and valuable lessons that they’ll carry with them for life – so if they’ve been begging you to get them a puppy, maybe it’s finally time you gave in.


5.     They make the best pals for your other pets

You might think your pooch enjoys being the dog of the house but trust us when we say that they’d be so much happier with a friend.

Dogs are sociable animals, and they’re usually at their happiest when they’re around other dogs. Adding a second dog to your family will give your furry friend a playmate when you’re not around – but it’s important to remember that doing this isn’t a substitute for you as their owner.

If you’re run off your feet taking care of just one dog, a second may not be the best idea.


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