How to keep your pets safe this Christmas

Christmas is the time for gift exchanges, great food and, most importantly, spending quality time with family and friends.

Many of us think of our pets as additional family members, so it’s only natural to want to include them in the festivities.

However, this time of year can be hazardous and actually rather stressful for our cats, dogs, and bunny rabbits.

So, how can you keep them safe and comfortable as celebrations commence?

Our experts here at Pet Shop Online share some of our top tips.


Watch what you’re feeding them

Some of the foods that we know and love at this time of year can be extremely dangerous for our pets.

While we enjoy indulging in everything from chocolate and mince pies to the occasional tipple, they’re not so great for our pet’s digestive systems.

Seasonal spreads can be especially tempting for our furry friends, so make sure to leave these foods out of reach and stick to their regular diet.


Opt for non-toxic decorations

It’s not just festive foods that are bad for our pets.

Other items in our homes – such as seasonal plants, Christmas trees, and tree ornaments – can be extremely dangerous for your fur baby.

Real trees, for example, shed sharp needles, and if they’re mistakenly eaten by your pet, they can become lodged in their throat and potentially cause some serious damage.

These needles may also become embedded in your pets’ paws, which can be rather painful!

Some types of trees also produce natural oils, which, when consumed, can be mildly toxic to cats, dogs, and rabbits – irritating their mouths and stomachs.

While artificial trees are less of a threat, pets can still be tempted to explore and play with them – especially if there’s sparkly tinsel, twinkling fairy lights, and dangling baubles to pique their interests.

Although they might seem pretty harmless, they can actually pose significant risks, including electric shocks, nasty cuts, and even the need for surgery.

Aside from trees, there’s a selection of other seasonal plants that you should try and stay away from, including holly, mistletoe, and ivy.

As pretty as they are, these plants can cause upset tummies, vomiting, mouth and skin irritation and even serious heart or neurological issues.

If you do choose to decorate with these plants, keep them well out of reach of your pets or, even better, opt for synthetic versions to eliminate the associated risks.


Keep them warm

Even if it’s not a picture-perfect white Christmas, it’ll still be bitter cold outside.

As the temperature drops, it’s increasingly important to make sure your pet is comfortable and has somewhere warm to sleep.

Bring any outdoor pets inside if possible, and provide extra bedding for them to cosy up in.

For more expert tips on how to care for your dog, cat, or rabbit this winter, check out our ultimate pet care guide for winter.


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